Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I've really said anything of substance on this blog, so I figured I'd update it. I'll talk about some random topics, since I can't really elaborate on just one.
Most of my friends already know this, but, for those who don't, I have been volunteering at my local library. I had a job working at a convenience store, but I was let go from that quite suddenly. It's not likely the library will hire me anytime soon, but it's got nothing to do with anything I did. The library is just under a "hiring freeze" right now, so, even though I submitted an application months ago, there's little chance they'll call me. It's okay, though; volunteering keeps me busy, plus, I really didn't feel comfortable working at that convenience store anyway, since it was also a liquor store, and, right before I was let go, I turned 21.
While volunteering at the library, I've been checking out a lot of stuff. I realize now that a series I used to like (Clue, based on the board game) was full of conniving, hateful characters, which makes me not want to read another one of those books again. I've also reserved/checked out some movies, including Bride Wars and Hotel for Dogs shortly after their DVD releases. While the former was funny at times, the latter was just plain boring.
Also, thanks to the library, I have learned how great book sales are. Another library in a neighboring city always had books for sale in a special room. That's not the one I'm volunteering at, but the one I am volunteering at has something similar. In fact, today and yesterday, I bought a bunch of Star Trek books. I'm starting to get into Trek because of not only the recent movie, but also some of the "classic" ones, like Nemesis. I'm in the process of reading Star Trek: Federation by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, and it's really good. Any of them that I don't like or don't want to read again will go into our family's yard sale this fall.
Speaking of which, we did have a yard sale at my sister's house in May. We had it two Saturdays in a row, and we sold quite a bit of stuff. I sold a bunch of DVDs, including Star Wars: A New Hope (which I had two copies of,) and my Perfect Strangers season set. In fact, only two DVDs didn't sell, and I wasn't really expecting them to, either.
I have started using my laptop more, as well. I was using my Mac, but it's over five years old, and it's definitely showing. It can't even run the latest version of Flash. So, I switched to my laptop, which is where I am typing this from. I've only turned my Mac on twice in the past month. My dad set it up so that all our computers are online now, including his Dell, which he's had at our house for a while. I sometimes use his because it starts up faster, although doesn't like me doing that.
In a previous post, I talked about how I'd given up on ApologetiX. Well, I tried to sell my collection of their CDs in the aforementioned yard sale, and not one of them sold. Even our local used music store wouldn't accept them, nor any of the rest of my CCM CDs. I'll try to sell them again in our yard sale this fall, but, if they don't sell, I may just donate them to someone or somewhere. Who knows? Maybe I'll find someone who wants them all, and I'll let him/her have them! (Please, no offers to buy them unless you personally know me.)
It also seems like I've been meeting up with a lot of people from my past lately. In the past week, I have seen my sixth grade homeroom teacher, my fourth grade math teacher, and one of the teachers from my high school, all of which it'd been months if not years since I had last seen.
So, that's what's been going on lately. Any comments?