Monday, December 12, 2011

A Truly Merry Christmas

Yesterday, I watched a movie on the Hallmark Channel called Annie Claus is Coming to Town.  It was, in many ways, a typical made-for-cable Christmas film: cute, sweet, and inoffensive.  The flick's plot: Santa Claus' daughter Annie (Maria Thayer) makes her first-ever trip outside the North Pole, and ends up in Los Angeles.  As you'd expect, she ends up making friends, finding love, and helping others.  One thing that Annie says in the movie is, "Miracles always happen at Christmas."  She says that to try to encourage the owner of a small toy shop who has been hard-up for money ever since a giant competing chain (a la Toys "R" Us) opened not too far from there. That optimistic statement proved to be correct, thanks to the work of her and her new-found friends.
Although that may just be a Hallmark Channel movie, I believe Annie's statement is true.  In fact, Christmas is all because of a miracle; the whole reason for the holiday is because of the Savior of the world coming to our lowly planet to live among us.  Even beyond that, good things can happen during the holiday season.  That's not to say everything that happens is wonderful; the "shoe bomber" incident, which happened on Christmas 2009, was quite shocking.  Still, the holidays are a very happy time, unlike any other part of the year.
Some of you long-time friends of mine may remember that, during previous Decembers, I've expressed feelings of despair, usually because of what I didn't have: a job, a relationship, a social life, friends to hang out with, etc.  That's actually nothing new; I can still remember feeling that way as far back as 1995, when I was only seven.  Still, the key difference is that I'm not feeling that this year, which, in my opinion, is a Christmas miracle.  It may be because 2011 has been a year of huge changes; between being hired by a library in October, deciding to look at others' relationships differently around the same time, and making Victoria Justice my top celebrity crush in January, things are entirely different now than they were at the end of 2010.  It actually makes me excited for 2012; who knows what great changes are waiting down the line?  I'm sure that, barring some sudden tragedy between now and then, I'm going to have a truly Merry Christmas this year, the likes of which I haven't seen in a very long time, if I ever have.  That's truly something to be thankful for, and I think that's the way the true reason for the season would want it.
Any comments?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Fantasy: 2011 Edition

NOTE: If you haven't heard the original, check out this link. Enjoy!

To the tune of "All I Want is Everything" by Victoria Justice

It's the Eve of Christmas, the big day's almost here
I made my folks a list of things I want this year
But what I'd truly like
Is something they can't get 'cause
All I want (3x)
Is you, Tori

Yeah, I've got books by the dozens!
DVDs? Plenty of 'em!
Got gadgets made by Steve Jobs, R.I.P.
But, there is still something I am lacking!
All I want is you, Tori,
Under my tree, and that will be enough!
The girls I know just do not match with me!
So, I know you're "the one"!
As long as you are mine,
Everything will end up all right!
All I want is you, Tori,
Under my tree, yeah!

My alarm's gone off!
Yes, Christmas Day has come!
Walk into the living room, when,
I get a big bear hug!
I don't believe my eyes!
Santa must have heard me, 'cause
There Vic is (3x)
Right next to me!

Said, "We can dance, if you wanna!
Or, we can watch Harry Potter!
Use your iPad by Steve Jobs, R.I.P.!
'Cause you can spend all day with me!"
Spendin' Christmas with Miss Tori!
Lots of laughing; it just is so much fun!
Never thought her I would meet,
But Santa dropped her under my tree!
Best gift I ever got!
Boy, will my sister be surprised
When she sees who I brought to dinner tonight!
Tori made my Christmas happy, 'cause she's so sweet, yeah!
Whoa, oh!

"Must leave," she's saying!
"There's filming I must do!
But, I've got something
In this small box for you!
I will call you!
Wait 'till then to open it up!"
Whoa, oh, oh...

Thought she'd never be mine,
'Till I opened it up, 'cause
In that box (3x)
Was a big ring!

She said, "Yes, I know it's not normal
For the girl to be proposing,
But I know tradition you like breaking!
So, sweetheart, will you marry me?"
So, now, I'm getting married; I'm so happy!
That one gift was enough!
I never thought meeting a celebrity
Would ever this way end up!
Yes, I made Tori mine!
My Facebook friends poured on the likes!
This year has come to a great ending!
Can't stop smiling!
Whoa, oh!

[For Victoria.  May you and I meet one day.]

Warm Googly Feeling

NOTE: If you haven't heard the original, check out this link. Enjoy!

To the tune of "Warm Fuzzy Feeling" by Fastball

I got a warm, googly feelin'
When I saw you on TV
It'd been forever since you I'd seen
Yeah, it broke my heart; you I talked about
And they were unimpressed
It seems to me the whole thing they don't get!
Turned on my TV
Wanted to see my girlfriend
After that music video
I knew that my heart you had stole
'Cause with you up there, your smiling face
Just tells me that I do not need a date
You wouldn't break my heart
But other women choose to just leave me out on a lark
A girlfriend isn't something found through retail!
Can't shop for one at Walgreens or K-Mart!
They know I'm your biggest fan,
So, I've claimed you as mine!
Dear Santa, I'd like
Tori under my tree; yes, that's right!
I know everyone sees your visage in countless places!
I am just one in a crowd!
You have fans in the millions now!
But, I do not care what anyone else says!
You're the one I want!
You replaced Anne as my number one,
And, it takes quite a lot to be my number one!