Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Warm Googly Feeling

NOTE: If you haven't heard the original, check out this link. Enjoy!

To the tune of "Warm Fuzzy Feeling" by Fastball

I got a warm, googly feelin'
When I saw you on TV
It'd been forever since you I'd seen
Yeah, it broke my heart; you I talked about
And they were unimpressed
It seems to me the whole thing they don't get!
Turned on my TV
Wanted to see my girlfriend
After that music video
I knew that my heart you had stole
'Cause with you up there, your smiling face
Just tells me that I do not need a date
You wouldn't break my heart
But other women choose to just leave me out on a lark
A girlfriend isn't something found through retail!
Can't shop for one at Walgreens or K-Mart!
They know I'm your biggest fan,
So, I've claimed you as mine!
Dear Santa, I'd like
Tori under my tree; yes, that's right!
I know everyone sees your visage in countless places!
I am just one in a crowd!
You have fans in the millions now!
But, I do not care what anyone else says!
You're the one I want!
You replaced Anne as my number one,
And, it takes quite a lot to be my number one!

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