Sunday, April 1, 2012

Make Them Mine

DISCLAIMER: Despite today's date, this "song" is meant in all seriousness; enjoy!


To the tune of "Make it Shine" by Victoria Justice

It's so fun, bargainin'!
I see somethin' I want, and then
I take the price to a big low!
No, I don't know what I'll find now,
Or what deals I will make!
But, I surely will make a great deal!
I see something now; decided I want it!
Let's make a deal!

Yard sales are the only way I get my entertainment!
Find the most random things, all at such costs convenient!
So much fun for me; I find everything!
What is not to like?
Yes, I know yard sales are nothing but secondhand things!
But, the deals I find there always make me want to sing!
I see awesome things!
I start bargaining!
Then, I make them mine!

People, why don't you know
That yard sales are the place to go?
Why keep buying
Everything new?

I am here to show you all how
Things could be much cheaper
If only to yard sales you'd go!
There's one going on now!
If you would just give it a try, you'd know!


Everyone, I'll tell you that yard sales are so much fun! (Whoa!)
But, some don't do a thing except peddle and sell junk!
Still, all of 'em are not like that; assuming that is unfair!
Oh, you doubt it? Well, believe it, 'cause there's tons of good yard sales!


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