Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Avoiding a Calendar Fiasco

In late December of last year, I was searching frantically for one specific item.  I called and/or went on the websites of various stores, both in my area and online only, and had to go through a bunch of rigamarole to get it.  What was it? It was a 2012 Teen Nick wall calendar, as pictured to the right.  Since none of the brick-and-mortar stores in my area had it, I used Calendars.com, and my long-sought purchase is now hanging on my wall, right above the Mac on which I'm typing this post.
That actually wasn't the first time such an incident happened; about a year prior, I searched far and wide to find a 2011 Harry Potter "mini" wall calendar.  I called various places; I had tried to reserve it at my local Barnes and Noble, but the only copy they had was defaced--that is, scribbled on--by some kid, and their policy prevented them from selling an item in that condition.  A Books-A-Million location the next city over had it; thankfully, my mom was willing to drive me over there.  Even as far back as December 2006, I looked all over for a 2007 Star Wars calendar that included a DVD-ROM--or was it a CD-ROM?--with desktop images for your computer.  Surprisingly, I ended up finding it by complete accident at Kohl's, though the version they had--which was the only one I could find anywhere--lacked the bonus disc.
I'll admit: I'm a calendar enthusiast.  I currently have five wall calendars in my bedroom and three in my bathroom, and I've had no less than two or three almost every year for at least the past decade.  Their subject matter has ranged from astronomy to The Berenstain Bears to Digimon to Hilary Duff to Harry Potter to iCarly to Jeopardy! to Scooby-Doo to Star Trek to Trivial Pursuit to Wallace and Gromit...and that's not even all of them!  It's an annual tradition in my family: after Christmas, we head to the calendar shop in our local mall and buy the ones we want for half price.  Although that's "smart shopping" price-wise, as the stories mentioned above prove, sometimes finding the one I really, really want ends up being a bit of a chore, even if I've seen that same exact one somewhere before December 25 rolls around.
So, after thinking about it a bit, I've decided that I will buy the calendars I want before Christmas, if only to ensure that I do get them.  I placed an order via eBay for the 2013 VICTORiOUS calendar, and it is en route to my house as I write this.  If I happen to see any others I want--and, as much as I love calendars, I probably will--I'll do the same for them.  BarnesandNoble.com currently claims to have a Victoria Justice 2013 calendar available for pre-order; as its late September release date gets closer, I'll keep checking to see if it really does come out, and buy it if it does.  (Why am I a bit doubtful that it's real? Simply because I can't find it listed anywhere else.) It may sound strange for anyone to have or even want multiple calendars for the same year, but, to me, there's nothing like a wall calendar.
Any comments?

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