Monday, December 3, 2012

The "Lizzie" to My "Gordo"

Lizzie and Gordo
A few months back, I composed a blog post discussing a potential relationship being similar to what was shown in the classic television show Mork & Mindy; a guy--well, sort of--who didn't get the ways of this planet found a mate in a loving female friend who could tell him what was really going on.  If you go even further back in the archives of this blog, you can find "How 'Lizzie McGuire' Changed My Life," where I talked about the lasting impact that Hilary Duff's landmark sitcom's continues to have on me, years after the fact.  Back when I was a die-hard Hilary Duff fan, it was next to impossible for me to discuss Lizzie McGuire without beginning to gush about how "hot" Hilary and her co-star Lalaine were.  It was inappropriate for me to talk about any human female, even a celebrity, in such a way in the first place; however, I had a connection to the show that had nothing to do with Lizzie or Miranda's good looks.
What was it? Well, if you are or were a fan of Lizzie McGuire, think about the character of Gordo.  Yes, I know he and Lizzie eventually became "an item"; that's not my point here.  When you really think about it, that David Zephyr Gordon (that was his character's full name; "Gordo" was just a nickname) was quite different than those around him.  Instead of falling prey to the trends and mentality of junior high, he mocked them; he was pretty much who he wanted to be, not what "everyone else" wanted him to be.  In fact, Gordo was so contrary to popular trends that, in the "Come Fly With Me" episode, he started a trend of wearing retro clothing, and was so upset with it that he started flying model airplanes, which he didn't even truly enjoy, just so he could wash his hands of the new fad, only because it was popular.
Despite his nonconformist attitude and lifestyle, Gordo had friends.  Well, okay, just two friends: Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire and Miranda Isabella Sanchez.  (It's an obvious sign of obsession when you can rattle off fictional characters' full names as easily as the days of the week, isn't it?) Yes, Gordo's two best friends were female, but they loved him.  Even though he was "different," Lizzie and Miranda never pushed him to "fit in" or "be like everyone else".  It's no surprise that Gordo started to fall in love with Lizzie; seriously, what guy wouldn't have fallen for a lady who was as sweet to him as Lizzie was?
What's my point here? Well, as someone who has always been considered a bit of an oddball and refused to subscribe to society's rules, I can identify with the character of Gordo.  I was mocking and defying the trends and mentality of my classmates before I even cared one whit about Lizzie McGuire, and I still do the same with my peers now; therefore, does it not make sense that a "Lizzie" is the kind of "life mate" I need? No, I'm not saying I want to marry Hilary Duff; she is already hitched and has a kid, so that wouldn't be possible anyway.  What I mean is: The kind of woman I need is the "best friend" kind, who will accept me for who I am, instead of constantly pressuring me to change my ways as so many people of both genders have always loved to do.
Unfortunately, though I have known plenty of "Lizzies" in recent years, there's almost always been some sort of impasse that keeps me from starting a relationship with them: if they're not taken--that is, engaged or married--then their religious beliefs are completely contrary to mine, they live too far away, or they're just simply uninterested in being more than friends.  So, will this "Gordo" ever find his "Lizzie"? One wonders.

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