Sunday, May 9, 2010

Return Today

To the tune of "Tell Me On a Sunday" by Andrew Lloyd Webber

This world's so evil, I just want to leave.
Thought many people were friends, then they really were not.
And on the tube, nothing but bad news.
I would love to just walk those golden streets.
Jesus, return today, please.
They think I'm crazy, won't give me a chance.
Ugly insults, dirty looks.
Such brief conversations.
While my friends marry, I've been on no dates.
Come when I'm shelving at the library.
Jesus, return today, please.
Yes, I do know who's to blame, and where he is going.
You could come any day or night, but, when, You're not telling.
Those who have defied You, You'll destroy them all.
Well, I can't take this anymore, so why don't You just end it?
So much of my life just make me want to cry!
So, to You, I sing this desperate plea:
Jesus, return today, please.
When I turn out my bedroom light, I always feel lonely.
So many liars tell no truth at all.
Every girl just slams the door when I think of dating.
Oh, how much I want to say goodbye.
I'll happily leave all earthly things.
I'll forget about all my addictions.
I'll go to the best place there's ever been.
Take me to the place where I will be free.
Jesus, return today, please.

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