Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Siobhan Magnus Is In A Completely Different League Than Any Of My Celebrity Crushes

Okay, so, if you've been reading my Facebook status messages, or if you saw that parody of Gavin DeGraw's "In Love With a Girl" I posted on here some time ago, you know I like Siobhan Magnus. For those who have no clue who Ms. Magnus is, or even how to pronounce her first name, here's the facts: Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-on) was a contestant on this year's season of American Idol. She wowed a lot of people with her big voice, not to mention her uniqueness; more on that later. This week, she gave a stellar performance of a Shania Twain song, but still got voted off, meaning that she holds sixth place out of 24 contestants this season.
Now that we've gotten the "fast facts" out of the way, let me get to why I like her, and why she is different than any other celebrity crush I've ever had. As with all of my current celebrity crushes, which include several other Idol contestants, I do find her physically attractive. However, there's something she has that Anne Hathaway, Ashley Tisdale, and even fellow Idol Crystal Bowersox doesn't have. What is that? Well, she's...different. I'm not saying she's autistic; what I am saying is, her and I both march to the beat of a different drummer. Siobhan's fellow Idol contestants talked about how different she was in a previous episode, and you can tell she is quite different by the outfits she wears during her performances. I think her and I could get along great.
Before I finish, let me say this: I know that there is little if any chance of me ever dating a celebrity. However, as somebody who has been single his entire life, a little dreaming about famous people doesn't hurt. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the envy of everyone at my high school reunion because I married a celebrity! Only time will tell.
Any comments?

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