Monday, April 5, 2010

My iPod and Me

For those who don't know: I got a Silver 16GB iPod Nano for Christmas last year. It was the number one thing I wanted, and I was so happy when I got it. It's actually my second iPod; I got my first one, a Black 2GB Nano, for Christmas in 2005, but it went haywire in early 2009. I love my new iPod very much; in fact, I take it with me almost everywhere. It makes the long rides I take go by faster.
Some of you may wonder how many long rides I go on. Well, actually, my church is thirty minutes away, and the long rides there and back used to make me cranky...until I started bringing my iPod with me. I don't just listen to my music; usually, I have a book to read, with a book light if necessary. It's been months since I've taken any trips that were more than an hour, and the last long trip I took was in March of last year, and that was only four hours. All of those trips, though, were before I had my iPod. I've yet to go that far with it; still, I'm glad I have the entertainment, just in case I do need it.
With any sort of new technology comes new features. My new iPod has some nice ones, including the ability to play video. A feature that surprised me was its ability to play music without being hooked up to any sort of speakers or headphones. It probably would come in handy at some point, but, to me, it has been somewhat of an annoyance. It has started playing music without me touching it twice. The first time was while I was turning something in to the library I volunteer at, and I thought it was someone's ringtone. The second time was after my dad dropped me off at a different library, and I heard some music that I thought was coming from the fire station nearby. In both cases, as I kept listening, I eventually realized it was coming from my backpack.
In conclusion, I'll say this: iPods are amazing things. I never would have imagined such a device when I was little. Still, like any technology, it's going to evolve. Who knows what amazing devices they'll come out with next?

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