Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(I'm Glad I Knew) A Person Like You

DISCLAIMER: Please do not read anything suggestive into this rewrite, because it has no such meaning. I am talking about something that I promise you is completely innocent! Also, if you know me and want to know who/what I'm talking about, ask. Anyway, here we go:

To the tune of "Tattoo" by Jordin Sparks

Oh oh oh...

You walked right into my life
On that day last September
Your name made me wonder
You said I reminded you of your autistic nephew

You heard all about my strife
Calmed me when I was angry
You're my friend on Facebook
At my notes you looked
I didn't expect to ever meet
Someone who knew my songs and got my mind
But, when I met you, that's exactly what I did find

I hope we will continue to be friends
And, no, I'm not joking
Can't thank you enough for what you've done
Wish I'd known that meeting was our last one
I know that this is not the end
I would say it's a new beginning
I'll always remember what I discussed with you
You're one person that I'm glad I knew
Yes, I'm glad I knew
A person like you (A person like you)

You heard about those of fame
Like Anne, Amy and Siobhan
You even were a consumer of my yard sale goods
I wish that we did not have to stop
But, I must move on, though I wanted to cry
When that e-mail in my inbox I did find


I still want to be good friends
I hope it does not end
Even though I will not see you
I will never forget you
I hope that I make you
Proud in whatever I do, oh


I won't forget you
There's no one like you

[For that one person. You know who you are.]

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