Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Library Love Song

DISCLAIMER: This "song" is meant as a tribute to certain people, as you'll see in the dedication after the lyrics. However, the "you" mentioned in this song is not included in the people the lyrics are dedicated to. Anyway, enjoy!


To the tune of "This Love" by Maroon 5

I don't know why people don't recognize
That the old way of libraries has died
They think, there, nothing but books you'll find
Well, they are quite wrong, I can frankly say
Books are still there today
But there is so much more!

Movies, and some new to DVD
Rent them for free, unlike Redbox or Blockbuster
Music on CD, there's all genres
Metal and rock, soundtracks and oh, so much more!
Oh, oh, oh!

You know budgets are tight in these times!
Anything that people find
To save money, they won't mind! (Oh!)
Well, so much money you could save
If you'd take advantage of
Your town's own library!
Yes, I mean you!

PCs, connected to Internet
You can e-mail and even join Facebook
Audiobooks that you can download online
And, if you want, you can transfer them to your new iPod!
Oh, oh, oh!

Praises I will still sing
For public libraries
'Cause going to them I really like
(I said, "Like!," yeah, that's right!)
I'm not just dropping hints!
I'm strongly suggesting this!
What I said is true!
Going to the library is something you should really do!

Yes, I love my local library!
They have books, movies and so much more!
And, the librarians are so friendly!
They're just so sweet, way better than at any bookstore!
Yes, I do quite enjoy reading!
But I also like movies, music and more!
I borrow all that stuff for free
Lots of reserves, and even Inter-Library Loans!
[Repeat Until Fade]

(For those who work at public libraries, especially the people who have become good friends of mine, such as Lydia, Kristi, Teri, Rosa, Nanette, Janie, Tina, Anne, Georgia, Valerie, Elke, and anyone else there I forgot to mention. I am very proud to call you my friends.)

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