Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Has the Craziness Come to an End? Maybe.

Ever since I was about twelve years old, there has been one factor that has affected nearly everything I've done.  It caused me to do some things, yet to not do some others.  It also caused me to focus on different aspects of, well...whatever.  What is that factor, you ask? The presence of those of the female persuasion.  Throughout high school and college--and even before and after that--I was known for being what some called "girl crazy".  Between my desktop images, binder covers, bedroom walls, Internet browsing, entertainment choices, and even my daily interaction, nearly everything was impacted by some girl/woman.  We all know what happened with Hilary Duff, Anne Hathaway, and Victoria Justice, but I ended up getting into other shows and such also because of some lady I found attractive. Why did I start watching HGTV's Design Star? One of the female contestants caught my eye; so much so, I looked her up on the channel's website, even though I'd previously mentioned my loathing of that network.  What caused my short-lived addiction to Reba? Scarlett Pomers, the actress who played Kyra, the younger daughter.  Why did I even bother with the most recent celluloid incarnation of Nancy Drew? I was curious about Emma Roberts.  Why did I reserve Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at my local Barnes and Noble? Well, I couldn't say no to the girl behind the counter; she had such gorgeous eyes.  Such incidents have happened so often that whenever I tell my mom I'm watching something new, she'll say, "What girl that you like is in it?"
As crazy about the female gender as I have been for several years, I think it's coming to an end.  Don't worry; I still like girls, and am very proud of the fact that I have numerous ladies who are among my best friends.  What I mean is: I think I'm done going gaga over any young lady I happen to meet.  It isn't just a recent thing; a few years ago, I regularly talked about my failed attempts at starting a relationship, one of which was "Rewind".  However, I haven't been turned down by a girl since 2008...simply because I haven't asked one out since then.  Even my entertainment choices have changed; though I still watch iCarly and VICTORiOUS, both of which are coming to an end soon, I've recently watched movies such as The Witches of Oz or Borrowed Hearts because they sounded interesting and family-friendly, not because of anyone in the cast.  My mom even asked the aforementioned question about the former movie, and I could honestly tell her that there wasn't any woman involved.  That's not to say that I shy away from female-centered entertainment; I've literally listened to the all-girl pop group B*Witched's cover of Toni Basil's "Mickey" over twenty times (no joke!) in the past twenty-four hours, and it's even playing as I type this.  Still, I didn't download that song because I have/had the hots for one or more of the group's members; frankly, I can't even name any of them right now.
Even my attraction towards females has changed.  In years past, an attractive girl/woman could do anything--even commit a "personal foul" towards me--and she was still attractive.  Of course, that also crossed over into the entertainment realm; Lizzie McGuire wasn't even that fantastic of a show, but I still held on until the end because of Hilary Duff.  I even knew of the vulgarity that was Havoc before anyone told me about it, but it didn't change my fanaticism for Anne Hathaway.  Lately, though, it has become less about how a woman looks, and more about what she does: Does she respect me? Is she kind to others? Has she stuck with me for a long time? If the answers to those questions are yes, then that is an attractive woman, no matter what she might look like.  I'm pretty sure that's a sign of maturity.
Of course, there's one quibble that I have with the whole thing: Though I've been crazy about females for several years, it's only been for the past two or three that I've been introduced in one way or another to a plethora of attractive ladies.  Between visitors and new members at church, the actresses or other stars in new shows, friends at a small group I used to attend, co-workers at the last three places I've worked at, newly discovered musicians, and the like, there's been tons of them.  In a way, I wonder if the above feelings have been because my life--in pretty much every way, and mostly by my own choice--has been oversaturated with beautiful members of the opposite gender.  Though it's good to be attracted to a woman based on what she does instead of what she looks like, my worry is that, because of what I just described, such an attitude is only temporary, and that I'll soon end up just as "girl crazy" as I once was.  I hope that's not the case, though.
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