Friday, September 6, 2013

I Don't Want to Preach Anymore...and I Want to Take This Blog in a New Direction!

Okay, all my faithful blog readers: You've probably noticed that I tend to "preach" on this blog.  I don't mean talk about the Bible; I'm still going to do that.  What I mean is this: No matter what I'm talking about, it's usually in my own defense ("Someone said I should not _______. Here's why I am right and that person is wrong:") or blasting someone else for their supposed wrongs ("Somebody once did ______ to me.  Now, I'll tell you why that was wrong:").  Even posts that seemed innocuous actually fell into that category; a blog on Disney/Nickelodeon actresses was written in response to an altercation with a former friend.  Usually, my writings on here or elsewhere were a product of some kick I was on, though it may not have been obvious to those who don't interact with me personally.

However, I have realized that all these diatribes do not foster discussion.  I have a friend around my age whose blog talks about various topic from a Christian point of view, and, from what I've seen, he gets a boatload of comments, both via Facebook and on the blog itself.  However, lately, on here, I usually get one or two comments, if I get any response at all.  I think my problem is the tone I've taken with my online writings: angry rants, bashing people, and generally inappropriate behavior.  People who normally would read my writings have been turned off by my previous writings, which I admit were wrong and sinful.

So, I want to make some things very clear:

  1. I am not going to bash anyone on this blog, even using a codename and/or vagueness.  I won't say anything about any person, living or dead, that I would not say to his/her face.  That includes in "parodies" as well as regular writings.  I know that, in the past, I was guilty of such things, but I promise I will not do it again.
  2. I'm tired of one-sided discussion in general, whether online or elsewhere.  Most of you don't care to hear my long stories about middle school or celebrity crushes; if you did, you'd probably ask.  If you're not saying much of anything, then, that means I need to not be talking as much.
  3. I am not going to say anything that is in violation of Biblical commandments and teachings.  If I have any doubts about what I'm going to post, I won't post it, or, at the very least, I will get my parents or a trusted friend to look over it first.
  4. If I am upset about something, I will not make it public.  I might talk with someone privately, but I will not make an angry post on this blog, Facebook, or anywhere where a large amount of people can/will see it.
  5. I'm not sure how often I will update my "Siobhan Thinks Differently" blog; frankly, I feel that my review blog has been a much better venture than anything else I've done online, including other blogs and Facebook.  It seems that I often use this space to defend my love for entertainment, when I could spend the time actually watching one of the movies that has been on my shelf for months; in other words, I'm talking about doing something instead of actually doing it, which isn't right.  If I feel the need to say something on here, I might do so, but, for most of you, Facebook tells you everything you need to know about me.
  6. If I do something that I said I definitely wouldn't do above--specifically, in the first, second, and fourth rules--you have every right to unfriend and/or block me, regardless of how good of friends we may have been previously.  I'm saying that because I want to make sure there are consequences if I don't keep my word.
So, that's what I needed to say.  Now, I'm off to spend time with my one true love: entertainment.  (You thought I had a significant other? LOL!)

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