Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Supercharging My February

February is a unique month.  Not only does its number of days vary depending on what year it is, but is also the only month on the calendar to be less than thirty days in length.  People's opinions vary greatly; some people--like me--love it, while it is hated by others, such as Hadley, the protagonist/narrator in Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach's book Freaky Monday, a quasi-sequel to the book-turned-movie-series Freaky Friday.  How you feel about February probably depends on your past experiences with it.  I actually lost two family members during that second month--one last year, the other in 2005--but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want me to sit around and mope; they'd want me to be out living my life and blessing those I come into contact with while I still can.  There's plenty in February to celebrate, also; not only do we have Valentine's Day right in the middle, but the Super Bowl occurs the first Sunday of that month, and plenty of people have birthdays sometime during those mere four weeks...one of which is me. (Now you know why I love that month!)

However, I have decided that this February will be unlike any other February I've ever had.  Of course I'm still going to celebrate my birthday; that's not going to change.  What will change is that I'm going to get a lot more done in February than I do in a month's time, including the longer months.  That means applying some rules about things that are important to me.  What are my rules? I'll tell you:
  • Continue following the One Year Bible plan, as I already have been doing.
  • Watch at least one TV episode--whether streaming, on demand, via my DVR, on a DVD, or live--every day. (Watching two or more episodes in one day does not excuse me from watching one on the following days!)
  • Read five books a week, every week. (If I don't complete the book, it doesn't count.)
    Watch three movies a week, every week. (Same rule applies: it doesn't count unless I complete it.)
  • When I complete a book, movie, or season/volume of a TV show, I must post a review of it.
  • Set my alarm clock for no later than 7:00 every day, whether I work or not.
  • After the clock strikes noon, Facebook is off limits. (Unless I am asked to sign on or need to go on there for urgent reasons, that is.)
So, here's to a supercharged February! I look forward to sharing my accomplishments with you!

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