Monday, February 3, 2014

...But In the End, You Could Not Deliver

More like Super Dull, from what I hear!
I'll be honest: I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year.  After my church's Super Bowl party was canceled--which I was going to attend--I had planned to watch some movies and/or read some books the night it was on, but, ended up calling it a night early; after eating dinner and doing a movie review, I hit the hay, and ended up being out of bed before 6 AM, over an hour before my iPod alarm was set to go off.  From what I hear, though, other than the cute puppy/pony commercial, I wasn't missing anything; the game was a shut-out, and, therefore, not all that exciting.  Sure, it was great that the Seattle Seahawks won the first Super Bowl they ever made it to, but who wants to sit through an insanely long game where one team is the obvious winner almost from the outset?

You may think that I'm going to scoff at you sports fans for eagerly anticipating a game that allegedly ended up being dull.  Various Super Bowls have had their missteps, from the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" to a certain singer forgetting the lyrics to the national anthem, but I understand that faithful fans will stick to your sport(s), team(s), and/or player(s) no matter what.  In fact, I think most people who have a vested interest in some sort of entertainment--whether it be sports, video/computer games, television shows, movies, books, or whatever else--will tell you of much-hyped entities that ended up being big disappointments to most fans.  An old gamer friend told me of the mess that was the video game Superman 64, and how the fact that developer Titus had promoted it heavily before it came out made gamers everywhere all the more upset.  Superhero fans will likely point to the example of Batman & Robin, the fourth movie in Tim Burton's film series about the Caped Crusader.  It actually was a financial success when it released--it made $42,872,605 in its first week--but theater attendance quickly dropped, because word got out about what dreck the movie really was.  I myself have been disappointed in various Disney Channel and Nickelodeon "big events," ranging from the iCarly/VICTORiOUS crossover "iParty with VICTORiOUS," which even featured All That's Kenan Thompson to You Wish!, a Disney Channel Original Movie that starred A.J. Trauth (Even Stevens) and Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire).  Though they garnered much hubbub, they ended up being big-time duds, and I likely won't be sitting through them ever again.  Even some regular episodes were terrible; one iCarly episode was mostly sans Carly--the title character!--and the "Brain Squeezers" episode of VICTORiOUS was just too weird to be funny.  Still, that didn't mean I gave up on the shows or their stars; it would take a big mess-up, like what they did on The X Factor this past season, to cause me to do that.  That right there is why I completely respect those who stay true to their favorite sport(s), team(s), or player(s), no matter what; I've done the same thing with my favorite shows over the years, despite their missteps!

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