Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ballad of Crushing and Limerence

Parody of "Ballad of John and Yoko" by the Beatles

Waited to get back on the Internet
So my feelings I could confess
She then wrote me back, said
"Don't like you like that"
You know, she didn't even give me a chance

Crushing ain't all that easy
Especially not when you're me
Not even when she looks
As good as Mrs. Jefferies

One day, I watched Ella Enchanted
You may think that that was insane
But, I know that was the day
I found Anne Hathaway
I ditched Miss Hilary quickly and fain

Crushing isn't so easy
But, oh, how fun it can be
Plus, there isn't anyone
Quite like Miss Ashley T.

In Physics, yeah, that's where I met her
Fell in love immediately
But we're no longer friends
I think she wants me dead
Just because of my reactions to rejection by she

Crushes can leave you freezing
They can make you feel weak
Especially when they do not
Know about your feelings

Never paid attention to the Disney thing
Until I found out about Hilary
That's when everyone said
Will you just put an end
To all that talk about that Disney girl, please?

Still, can't cave in to peer pressure
Kept looking her up on the Net
And all of my friends
Knew me just for that
She was on the screen of my Mac

Crushing can be quite pleasing
But, oh, how hard it can be
What are you gonna do when
Your crush is happily married?

My friends know all about these women
Yeah, me and them go way back
Still, on I will press
And always have a crush
That's one thing I will never lack

Crushing usually is fleeting
At least, that is how it seems
But sometimes it becomes
A love everlasting
You just have to know when
The person returns your feelings

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Anonymous said...

A great way of telling your story while keeping the words in time. I think this is fabulous.