Friday, December 3, 2010

My Lifelong Love for Calendars

It's pretty much an annual tradition in my family: After Christmas, we go to a place that sells calendars--usually the calendar store in a nearby mall--and buy them for half off. My mom and I have both done that almost every year, if not every year, for at least the past decade. She usually gets a Thomas Kinkade one; I usually get something related to pop culture and/or trivia. Over the years, I have had calendars of everything from Scooby-Doo to Wallace and Gromit to Garfield to Hilary Duff to Jeopardy! to Digimon to Star Wars to Harry Potter to even iCarly.
Maybe I'm just weird, but I always look forward to buying calendars after Christmas (or getting them for Christmas.) They may not be high-tech gadgets, but they do look nice on my wall, and they don't take much effort to change every month. I will admit, sometimes the torn-off pages from Page-a-Day calendars (aka desk calendars) can make a mess, but I still like ones with trivia because they're fun.
Truth be told, I've actually found creative uses for calendars after they expire. One time--and this won't surprise those of you who knew me back then--at the beginning of 2005, I cut out all my favorite pictures from my 2004 Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire calendars (notice that's plural, because those were two separate calendars) and put them on my wall. I ended up taking them down in March, though, because that was when I made the switch to Anne Hathaway. Even beyond that, I once made a collage that consisted of cutouts from a Harry Potter calendar, as well as pictures of Facebook friends, and other random images.
Who knows? I might not be alone in my love for calendars. Some might say that I have a love for things that tell time, because I also have had many clocks and watches--mostly digital ones--over the years. In fact, it wasn't until recently when I became unable to use both wristwatches I had--the band broke on one, the battery went dead on the other--that I started using my cell phone as a timepiece. That's probably what everyone will be doing in the future, though; plenty of people of my generation started doing it well before I did.
Any comments?

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