Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 3 of 30: My Favorite Television Programs

So, Day Three's post is about my favorite television program(s).  As I did with the "My Favorite Song" post on Day One, I'll do an ordered list of my top six:

6. iCarly.  By now, I think everybody knows what that show is all about; if you don't, I'm sure Wikipedia has a great article on it.  It's a fun show, and a reminder of when times were simpler.

5. Design Star.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking: a show about interior designers? Well, the competition gets intense, and they always have at least one attractive female contestant (such as Emily Henderson last year and Lonni Paul the year before) on there.  It also helps that the people who do the elimination (the judges, that is) know what they're doing, and don't refrain from eliminating someone due to dumb reasons such as infatuation.

4. House of Anubis.  For the uninitiated, Anubis is a British-produced Nickelodeon show about several kids (including one American girl) at a boarding school where strange things are afoot.  It's a wonderful show, and some of the actresses (Nathalia Ramos, Ana Mulvoy Ten, Tasie Dhanraj and Jade Ramsey) are quite beautiful.

3. The Electric Company (the 2009 remake).  I first got into this show because Jenni Barber (who plays Lisa Heffenbacher) reminded me of Ashley Tisdale during her Suite Life days, but I still like it for other reasons as well.  There's supposed to be a season premiere on tonight; hope I get the chance to watch it!

2. American Idol.  Maybe it's only because of how hard I fell for Siobhan Magnus last year--when is her debut album coming out?!!--but I'm interested to see what happens this season.  I haven't seen all the episodes this season, but my favorite so far is Sarah Sellers, who has an outstanding voice and is quite good-looking, especially in those big, thick-rimmed glasses.  (Yes, I like a woman in glasses; I think it's because I was raised around women in glasses.)

1. Victorious.  No surprise there.  This show is hilariously funny, and Victoria Justice is both an amazing actress and a superb singer.  The rest of the cast is good, too; my second favorite cast member is Daniella Monet, who plays Trina, Tori's older sister.

Any comments?

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