Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 of 30: My Favorite Movie

I had abandoned the "30 Days" thing, so I figured I should get back to it.  So, what is my favorite movie? You might expect me to say Star Wars, or a movie starring Anne Hathaway or Victoria Justice.  However, as the picture suggests, my favorite film is Spider-Man 2.  The other two parts of the trilogy were good, but this is easily the best installment.  Plenty of action, wonderful messages, amazing special effects, dashes of humor, and a low amount of offensive content, especially for a "PG-13" film.  I love most superhero movies; the X-Men movies (minus Origins: Wolverine,) Sky High, every Batman movie since 1989, and even Superman Returns are all part of my collection, and are great movies.  However, Spider-Man 2 is my favorite movie of all-time in any genre.
Any comments?

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