Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Demi Lovato Song

The Demi Lovato Song
To the tune of "Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison

I love Demi Lovato! (4x)

Yeah, I love you as Sonny!
You always are just so funny!
And you were great as Mitchie
In Camp Rock 2, now!
And, you're lookin' quite fine!
Oh, how I'd love to make you mine!
You are exactly my type!
A brunette, a Christian
With talent, great talent!
Why wouldn't I think you are great, now?


Those rumors 'bout you I hear?
Oh, I have nothing to fear!
I don't even listen to 'em!
There's not even one bit of truth in 'em!

I love Demi Lovato (Lovato) (2x)

That was a great Original Movie
With Selena; oh, it was so funny!
You were just so amazing
As a "fish out of water"!

Yeah, you're so my type!
With you, girl, what isn't to like?
Where else would I be able to find
Such good looks, such talent
All in the same package
Who always will make me feel great?


Oh, all that they say is unreal!
They give you a raw deal!
I will never believe any of it,
'Cause I know you didn't do it!

I want to see you on my TV!
I want you to return as Sonny!
Oh, you were insanely funny!
I loved So Random!

Just give it some more time!
Soon, you will be feeling fine!
When you return, I will spend my time
In front of my TV
Watching you as Sonny
And smiling the entire time!

Demi L.!
Love you, girl!

[For you, Demi! You rock! Hope you recover soon!]

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