Friday, January 28, 2011

25 Facts About Me (New and Improved)

About two years ago, pretty much everyone on Facebook did "25 Facts About Me" notes. I did it back then, and you can find it if you're my Facebook friend and are willing to dig that deep into the archives; I'm not. Things have changed somewhat since then, so I'll post twenty-five (maybe) new facts about me. You might find out things about me you didn't know before! Anyway, here we go.

  1. I was once a member of a winning basketball team. We only played once, though, and we won by one basket that was made by a member of the other team.
  2. I have recently been watching the 2009 remake of The Electric Company, and have fallen in love with Jenni Barber, who plays Lisa Heffenbacher.
  3. Despite having an iPod and loving it, I still use my portable CD player sometimes. I've burned quite a few CDs for myself in the past year.
  4. The first movie I ever owned on DVD was Big Fat Liar, which starred Frankie Muniz, Amanda Bynes and Paul Giamatti.
  5. I wasn't completely sure what to put on my Christmas list this past year, because so much of what I wanted--DVDs, books, and music--I could easily get from the library.
  6. Despite giving up on video games in 2007, I still like some of the music from them. My personal favorite is the first track from Top Gear on the Super NES. It just makes me want to dance!
  7. While watching Wheel of Fortune, I usually am able to solve the puzzle early on. The one time I wasn't, it was a complete shock, especially considering that the answer was "Actress Anne Hathaway". (In my defense, I wasn't really paying attention.)
  8. One of my new song addictions is "Can't Back Down," from the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam soundtrack. In my opinion, it's the "We're Not Gonna Take It" of 2010!
  9. I really got into this past season of Dancing With the Stars; my three favorites from the beginning were Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey (who I dubbed "the cougar,") and Bristol Palin (my new crush.) It made me insanely happy that they ended up being the three finalists.
  10. Say what you will about dc Talk; their music has stood the test of time like none other in my collection. I have songs from all their studio albums on my iPod, and they sound just as good as they did when they were released.
  11. My computer came down with a virus several weeks ago; thanks to AVG and SpyBot, it has been completely cured.
  12. I often have "mini-concerts" when my parents are gone. If you're driving or walking down my street and you hear loud music, it's probably my stereo.
  13. I have five different 2011 calendars: a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows one, an Alice in Wonderland one, an iCarly one, a Star Wars one, and a Book Lovers' Page-A-Day one.
  14. I have been watching the new season of Idol; my favorite so far is Sarah Sellers.
  15. My birthday is thirteen days away.
  16. In two months, I will celebrate two years of volunteering at my local library.
  17. I have really gotten into the new Nickelodeon show House of Anubis.
  18. I absolutely loved Jennifer Stone's reading of Freaky Monday; if you like audiobooks, you should give it a listen.
  19. I am eagerly awaiting the premiere of the next season of Design Star.
  20. My mom used to joke about Valerie Bertinelli and Barry Bostwick being my favorite actors.  The joke is too long to explain here; ask me sometime, and I'll tell you.
  21. Every time I listen to danceable music, I see (in my head, that is) random women dancing like they're in a new Disney Channel musical.
  22. I'm still waiting for your debut album, Siobhan Magnus.  Don't keep us "Sha-bon-bons" waiting, girl!
  23. My favorite store is MovieStop.
  24. I love my new iPad!
  25. I didn't think The Last Airbender was as bad as everyone else said it was.

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