Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whose Passion Is It Anyway?

Everyone has something they're passionate about. Most of my friends would say that God and their friends and families are very important to them. Those things are important, no doubt. However, there's always something--sports, video games, music, technology, history, science, literature, etc.--that each person really likes, and he or she enjoys doing, watching, and/or playing it, as well as talking about it. My passions are certain kinds of books, TV shows, movies, and music. Not only do I enjoy spending time with them, but I also like to talk to my friends about those things.
Some of you may think that's not a very good passion to have. Well, that's just because you're on the outside, just as I am with things like sports. I never really have understood sports all that well. I mentioned before that I now understand the concept of "wounded pride", but that still doesn't explain the appeal of watching a bunch of guys in gaudy uniforms fight over an inflatable ball. However, you don't have to explain that to me, because, whether or not I understand it, I can (and do) still respect it. At the same time, you friends of mine may not understand why I like Nickelodeon sitcoms, science-fiction novels, or classic rock songs, but that doesn't mean you can't respect it.
I get that my tastes are different from most people's, especially those my own age. Being "different" is the story of my life, though. I would hope that everyone on my friends list is mature enough to appreciate those who don't fit the mold, instead of berating them like middle school bullies love to do. As I always say, if you have a problem with me or the things I like to talk about, no one is forcing you to stay on my friends list. Those aforementioned types of entertainment are my passion, so there will be a lot of posts about them. Maybe someday my passion will change, but right now, that's what it is. No, entertainment is not my number one priority; God is, and friends and family are tied for second place. However, entertainmemt still is important to me.
Any comments?

P.S. This post was typed entirely from my iPad. :)

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