Friday, January 7, 2011

Why Decry Entertainment?

DISCLAIMER: Most of you may recognize a good part of the stories referenced here, but there might be some that stump you.  If you have a question about what I'm referring to in part of this "song," let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy!

To the tune of "American Pie" by Don McLean

Not all that long ago...
I can still remember
How the TV used to make me smile.
And, I knew I was a big fan
When I played those games every chance
They gave me, and I was happy all the while.
Reality just made me shiver!
All the insults those kids delivered!
All that I could not take!
I just needed an escape!
Some people just cannot see why
Entertainment I really like!
Well, you know what I do not like?
The way it is decried.

So, why, why, entertainment decry?
There's so much that it has taught me!
I am not gonna lie!
And, it's something that I will continue to like!
Say, now, what new DVDs can I find?
What new, fun novels can I find?

Do you think romantic love
Is never what the TV shows?
I can tell you that's not so!

Back when Lizzie was with Gordo,
He wanted more, she didn't know!
He told her, she smooched him in the last episode!

Well, when Alice was in Wonderland
She saw all kinds of funny things!
That telefilm was so cool,
I just had to read the book!

Spider-Man wasn't having any luck
Defeating vile Doctor Octopus!
But, then, Doc Ock went and saved New York
By risking his own life!
My favorite film!


Now, on Tim Taylor's Detroit tool show,
He showed us all the La-Z-Bowl!
It's a comfortable toilet seat!

Garfield eats everything he sees!
And to Odie, he may be mean,
But Odie always acts stupidly!

Oh, and to bring that Prince Char down,
His father poisoned his royal crown!
The plot backfired on him
When the crown touched his own head!

And, while Cody may have had the smarts,
Mr. Moseby still got alarmed
When Cody and Zack went way too far
When fun they tried to find!
It's a great sitcom!


That purple car saved those baby animals
And got a ribbon from Outback Al!
Boy, Putt-Putt surely did it fast!

Fudge always loved to make a mess!
He even swallowed his brother's pet!
No wonder Peter Hatcher was so stressed!

Now, the girls thought that Wilde kid was cute!
They loved it when he sang his tunes!
He had so many fans,
Oh, but they did not really know him!

Anakin's only true love was killed
Because to the Dark Side he did yield!
There was so much that was revealed
In Return of the Jedi!
A real good movie!


And, there the Enterprise was in space,
When Picard and crew had to face
A guy who was a clone of their captain!

Come on, now: Jumpman's nimble, Jumpman's quick!
As long as you're good with your joystick
And never any of the hazards hit!

Oh, and, when Siobhan they did eliminate
So many people were in a rage!
It just wasn't fair!
Her fan page had the wrong number!

And, Charlie and his Grandpa had such delight
Seeing the factory from the inside!
The other kids didn't make it out all right,
'Cause Wonka they defied!
Read the novel!


I spent the night having the blues
When I saw the Seavers up and move!
What did behind that picture say?

Sarah almost made a bad choice!
She gave up on God years before,
But she did again seek and find the Way.

Luke was lying there, suffering
When his father came to his aid!
Vader may have been a machine,
But he was still partly human!

And the thing that I admire most
'Bout movies, games, books, and TV shows?
They make life more enjoyable,
And should not be decried!

That's why I'm singing:

Yes, I'm singing:

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