Friday, January 7, 2011

The Victoria Justice Song

To the tune of "Takin' Care of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

I love Nickelodeon
Their sitcoms are so awesome!
Like Drake & Josh and iCarly!
People don't get why I love it!
They say I'm too old for it!
I say, so what if it's "kiddie"?

And, there's a show I find
Better than others of its kind!
Its star is the one who makes it that way!
The show is Victorious!
I'm quite sure you can guess
Whose name I am about to say!

Yes, I love Victoria Justice! (What'd you say?)
Love Victoria J when she portrays!
Yes, I love Victoria Justice, and I find
That Miss Victoria's music is just top of the line!
Freak out!

When her show I'm watchin'
I almost die laughing
At the hilarious characters!
She may be a budding star,
But I know she'll go far!
That, I don't even have to wonder!

Other shows on Nickelodeon
Can also be fun
But Victorious creams them in all ways!
That show is such a joy!
I laugh at and enjoy
All the things that the characters say!


All right!

Who could not love Tori Justice?
She's a great of today!

She may be known for Victorious
But she's been in some other things
My favorite was that Spectacular! movie!
And, yes, who could not love
The special iFight Shelby Marx?
Yes, that was part of iCarly!

You will surely never find
A better star of our time!
Believe me, I've looked all over the place!
So, I'll continue to enjoy
Victoria spreading joy!
Like I said, she's a great of today!


Love Victoria Justice! (Whoo!)


Love Victoria Justice!
Her talents are sublime!

[For you, Victoria Justice. You rock!]

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