Thursday, January 6, 2011

Play it Again, Sam!

Pretty much all of us like music. Some people have only certain genres--or maybe just one--they enjoy. Others, like me, have a diverse music collection. If you look at my playlist, you'll see everything from Michael Ball to dc Talk to Twisted Sister to Run-DMC and much more. I pride myself in having a diverse collection of tunes. One thing that I've noticed, especially in the wake of iTunes and iPods, is that I seem to get addicted to certain songs.
When I say "addicted," I don't mean that I won't listen to or sing any other song. What I mean is, I just keep playing the song again and again. It's happened several times with different tracks. ApologetiX's "Simp Liztik" (a parody of a Limp Bizkit song with a title I won't utter here) almost instantly became the top played song on iTunes after I got their CD Keep the Change. The same thing happened with "Bone Digger," from the same band's Wordplay album. "The Imposter," by Kevin Max, still stands as my top played song, in part because I got the album right after getting my first iPod, which led to dozens of plays in a short amount of time. My latest song addiction is none other than "Freak the Freak Out" by Victoria Justice, although Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards in Winter" may take its place soon.
Despite playing the same songs a zillion times, it's rare for me to get burned out on them. I still listen to those aforementioned tracks from time to time, and I enjoy it. Who knows what my next song addiction will be?

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