Friday, April 15, 2011

The Amy Adams Song

DISCLAIMER: I don't agree with everything in the movies I mention below; frankly, some of them are ones I haven't even seen. Otherwise, enjoy!

To the tune of "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Nine Days

This is the story of a girl
Whose film Enchanted was loved by the whole world
She made audiences all the world over laugh
Look at that bright red hair; makes me smile!

Two-oh-oh-seven, the year!
Audiences didn't know
That before they'd seen her!
She had guest starred on Smallville,
And in Talledega with Will Ferrell!
But, that witch sent her to Manhattan!
A land where a princess hadn't a clue!
McDreamy was her savior!
He found her, married her!
Saw it; it's true!

That role made Amy what she is today!
Her career jump-started with Disney parody!
Amy Adams is most definitely a great of today!


After that, she found her way
Into Doubt and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day!
Some others most did not see,
Like Leap Year or that Moonlight Serenade!
Who could not love her actin'?
Singin' quite well she can also do!
If I see her, I will say, "Hey!"
Getting her autograph would be awesome, too!

No one can look like that actin' that way!
And, it all started with Disney parody!
I truly believe Amy is a great of today!

This is a story of a girl
Who is beloved by the entire world
Doubt, Leap Year, Julie and Julia?
They were great because of her!
Makes me smile!


Well, soon she will star as Miss Lois Lane!
I have zero doubts that she will do great!
Amy Adams, you are a great of today!

This is the story of a girl
Whose film Enchanted was loved by the whole world!
She made audiences all over the world laugh!
Look at that bright red hair!

This is the story of a girl
Whose pretty face is seen by the world!
And those who have seen her acting work
Do absolutely love her!


Makes me smile!

[For you, Amy Adams! You rock!]

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