Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Need Windows

DISCLAIMER: "OS X" is pronounced "o-s-ten". Also, this rewrite is based on the Glee cover. Enjoy!

Don't Need Windows
To the tune of "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan and Mercedes (Amber Riley) of Glee

I don't need Windows anymore!
7 and Vista have just made me sore!
OS X Snow Leopard I do adore!
People are switching to it more and more!
I don't need Windows anymore!
I'm sick and tired of those viruses!
OS X is so much more secure!
People of Microsoft, will you ever learn?

Windows used to be really good!
But, after XP, it just went kaput!
Vista is just a copy of OS X!
And, I never did care for that 7!
You see, you can't just play with people's moolah!
Promise great products and not deliver!
And, on X, I can still use my old files!
Even emulate XP, which makes me smile!
Ha, ha, ha...

I don't need Windows anymore!
7 and Vista were nothing but poor!
I will run over my Dell with my car,
'Cause I can't get 7 to do what I want!

I don't need Windows anymore! (Ha!)
Y'all should be ashamed of what you did!
After all these years, I'm done with it!
You must think I am a huge idiot!

Macs were terrible when I was a kid!
They were super slow and loved crashing!
But, that was before OS X!
And, now Windows is the stupid one!
The damage has all been done after Windows 7!
Millions of people now are leavin'!
You can sit there and my claims deny,
But, when you go bankrupt, don't wonder why!

No Windows anymore!
Apple is better, yes, by far and large!
I don't care at all what people say!
I will use my Mac happily and proudly!
Yeah, I love it! (Oh, you love it?)
Yes, you know it! (Oh, we know it?)
I'm not sorry! (You're not sorry?)
Yes, I love it! (We should try it!)
Windows is so very sorry; I'm done with it!
(You like Mac? We should try it!)
I'm not sorry, no, no, ohhh!
(You're not sorry!)
7's a pain!
(Yes, it's a pain!
We are switching!)
People who think Macs are the worst
Obviously haven't given OS X its turn!
But why is Microsoft still trying
With all that stupid, inane advertising?
Oh, oh, that stuff's just so baby!
All that is, all that is just so baby!

Hey, hey...
This one's for you!
Just hear me:
You don't need Windows anymore!

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