Monday, September 10, 2012

My Odd Lifelong Love

Over the years, many of my interests have come and gone.  Some of what I used to adore--Diff'rent Strokes, The Magic School Bus, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers--I currently detest...and vice versa: American Idol, the Internet, Harry Potter, and even Nickelodeon.  Others, I just became indifferent about.  I never really despised it; my "love" for it just died down after a while, even if I still do like it.  A few even went from being liked, to hated, to liked again.  Although there isn't much one could say I've always liked, there still are a few topics that fall into that category--computers, Garfield, and strange words/advanced vocabulary--but tons of people like those.  However, there is one long-time love of mine that, I admit, is odd, but I still love them, and I probably always will.  What would that be? Calendars.
Why do I love them so much? You know, I really don't know.  I can remember me making them--or, at least, attempting to--on every computer I've ever had, even my Commodore 64, which we gave away just after I turned seven.  I loved making them with all sorts of graphics, fonts, backgrounds, etc., and proceeded to show them off to anyone who would take the time to look at them.  Though I don't make my own calendars as much as I used to--not to say that I don't do it at all anymore--I still am a huge fan of store-bought ones; in fact, I have eight 2012 calendars, and I just purchased my fifth one for 2013 via eBay this morning.  I've had one almost every year for well over a decade, and their topics have ranged from Scooby-Doo to astronomy to Lizzie McGuire to Harry Potter to Jeopardy! to Wallace and Gromit...and that's not even half of them! Whatever the reason, I have always been a fan of calendars.  Most people don't seem to think much of them--they use them to check the date, if at all--but I love them.

What is something that you have loved for a long time that others might find odd?

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