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100 Facts About Me

100 Facts About Me!!

001. Real name:

002. Nickname:
Jerr, Jerr-Bear

003. Favorite color:
Green, especially neon green

004. Male or Female:

005. Elementary school:
Jenkins and McIntosh

006. Middle school:

007. High school:

008. College:

009. Hair color:

010. Tall or Short:
Tall, as in over six feet.

011. Sweats or jeans:
Well, I usually wear jeans, so...

012. Phone or camera:
Definitely phone.  I love talking to people, but I hate having my picture taken.

013. Health freak:
Never really have been one.

014. Orange or apple:
Definitely apple.

015. Do you have a crush on someone:
I think nobody would be surprised by this answer: Yes.

016. Guy friends or girl friends:
Female friends are awesome when it comes to giving advice and listening, but guys tend to know more about technology, superheroes, and other topics I'm interested in.

017. Piercings:
None, and there never will be any.

018. Pepsi or Coke:
I like pretty much all sodas.

019. Have you been in a airplane:
Never, but I've always wanted to try it, especially after having a computer game as a kid that let you take a virtual tour of an airport.  Maybe someday...

020. Have you been in a relationship:
No, and, as you probably know, I probably never will.

021. Have you been in a car accident:
I was in one before I was born.  I was also in another minor one, where nobody got hurt and the damage was minimal.

022. Have you been in a fist fight:
No way! I don't believe in violence!

023. First piercing:
See the answer to number seventeen above.

024. Best friend:
I currently don't have just one singular best friend, but, among my good friends are: Lorie, Laura and Krystal A., Tanya, Pat and Gary, and the Garcia and Johnson families.

025. First award:
Probably the one I got for speaking on the announcements in first or second grade.

026. First crush:
The Pink Power Ranger; yes, the very first one.

027. First word:
According to my mom, it was "cheese".

028. Any talent:
Writing, Mac OS X, putting things in alphabetical or numerical order, memorization, etc.

029. Last person you talked to:
My mom.

030. Last person you texted:
I haven't texted anyone in years.

031. Last person(s) you watched a movie with:
My parents.

032. Last thing you ate:
A Red Robin cheeseburger and fries.

033. Last movie/TV show you watched:
Austin & Ally.

034. Last song you listened to:
"You Drive, I'll Ride" by FFH.

035. Last thing you bought:
A CD/DVD drive for my Mac, and The Flash on DVD.

036. Last person you hugged:
My friend Tanya.

037. Food:

038. Drink:
Dr. Pepper.

039. Bottoms:

040. Flower:
Not really into flowers.

041. Animal(s):
Garfield, Scooby-Doo, and my cat Roberta.

042. Color:
See above.

043. Movie:
Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars.

044. Subject:
Math and science.

Have You Ever? (Put An X In The Brackets If YES.)
045. [X] Fallen in love with someone?
046. [X] Celebrated Halloween?
047. [X] Had your heart broken?
048. [] Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?
049. [] Had someone like you?
050. [X] Hated the way someone changed?
051. [] Broken a bone?
052. [X] Have/Had a phobia?
053. [X] Did something you regret?
054. [X] Broken a promise?
055. [X] Hide a secret?
056. [X] Pretend to be happy?
057. [X] Met someone who has changed your life?
058. [X]Pretended to be sick?
059. [] Left the country?
060. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it?
061. [X] Cried over the silliest thing?
062. [X] Ran a mile?
063. [] Gone to the beach with your best friend?
064. [X] Gotten into an argument with your friends?
065. [X] Disliked someone?
066. [X] Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever?

067. Eating:
068. Drinking:
069. Listening to:
"I Won't Stay Long" by Sixpence None the Richer! (Wait, it just changed to "Why Did I Let You Go?" by V*Enna!)
070. Sitting or laying:
071. Plans for today:
Well, my plans for earlier today were to go to the bank, have lunch with a friend, buy my new disc drive, and make my lunch for work tomorrow.  Now that those are done, all I need to do is finish my laundry, and then I can fulfill my reading and TV watching quotient for the day.

072. Waiting for:
2016! I'm curious to see what it brings.

073. Want kids:
No, and I never really have.

074. Want to get married:
It'd be nice, but, I don't see it happening.

075. Want to travel:
Yes, very much so.

076. Lips or eyes:

077. Shorter or taller:

078. Younger or older.
I've always liked older women, but, I could go for someone younger as well.

079. Romantic or spontaneous:
Depends on the person.

080. Trouble-maker or hesitant:
The last thing I need is to get involved with a troublemaker.

081. Hook up or relationship:
Definitely the latter.

082. Looks or personality:
Definitely the latter.

083. Lost glasses:
Yes, several times.

084. Snuck out of the house:
Once, when I was really little.

085. Held a gun/knife in self defense:
No; I don't believe in violence.
086. Killed somebody:
See the above answer.

087. Broke someone's heart:
I'm sure I have at some point.

088. Been in love:
Yes...but it wasn't reciprocated.

089. Cried when someone died:
Not in a long time; I grieve in other ways.

090. Yourself:
I believe I exist, but I also believe in a higher power.

091. Miracles:
Yes; I believe God still performs miracles to this day.

092. Love at first sight:
I used to...but, not anymore.

093. Heaven:
​Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

094. Santa Claus:
No, but movies featuring him can be fun.

095. Aliens:
I believe there must be intelligent life somewhere in the universe...because there isn't too much on Earth.

096. Ghosts/Angels:
Ghosts, no; angels, yes.

097. The one person you really want to be with right now:
No one, really.

098. Do you know who your real friends are:

099. Do you believe in God:

100. Music or art:
Music is art!
I will add a question, then you add one when you do it ((;

Added question by the previous poster:
101. What you do pray you can attain in this life?
To make this world a better place.

Added question by me:
102. What kind of device are you using to do this?
A flat-screen iMac.

I nominate anyone who reads this to do this challenge...and add a question of your own when you do! Thanks to Mary Kate for nominating me for this!

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