Sunday, March 28, 2010

Teach Me Something I Don't Know

NOTE: Okay, first off, I know some people might find the original song annoying, but I just can't think of another song that would work so well for this topic. Also, I want to leave this parody open for interpretation, but I feel I have to say that this is in no way talking about my current situation. I know what this parody means to me, but, unless you know my history, you might not understand what I'm talking about. I don't feel the way the parody describes about anything mentioned in it, so, please don't say, "I know you've traveled far!," or, "You're a baby-hater!" because what this parody says isn't even true for me anymore. Anyway, enjoy!


Parody of "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" by Selena Gomez & the Scene

(Teach me something I don't know!)

Everybody tells me
That I'm such a real smart kid.
I don't agree with it,
but still everyone says it.
Everybody says that I need kindergarten,
but my brain is beyond
the things that you're teaching!

I come here every day!
It's such a waste of time!
The other kids here learn so much.
Why are their minds not like mine?

Teach me (3x)
Something I don't know! (3x)
Teach me (3x)
Something I don't know! (3x)
Why I don't go many miles,
What it takes to make you smile,
How to totally rid this world of little babies.
Teach me (3x)
Something I don't know! (3x)

Teach me, teach me something I don't know! (2x)

Everybody tells me that I know what I'm doing,
Whenever I'm reading,
But not when I'm writing.

Everybody tells me that I'm not any different,
But I know that I am unlike any of my friends.



You're bored with that?
Well, I'm gonna give you books of higher levels
So, you'd better get to reading!

Can you read all of that?
Yeah, I can read all of that!
Are you sure about that?
Yes, I'm sure about that!
Oh, I don't believe this!

I'm on my way!
I could read all this in a day!
If this is it, then, I say:
School's so easy!


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