Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Are My Number One

NOTE: As with my other parodies about crushes, this one is a joke. Also, those of you who are Smash Mouth fans may know that there is an actual song by them called "You Are My Number One," which is not the song of theirs parodied here. There are a couple of reasons why: 1) I have heard Smash Mouth's "You Are My Number One," and I love it, especially the lyrics, so I wouldn't want to change them; and 2) "Walkin' on the Sun" (the song parodied here) is much better-known. You understand, right? Enjoy!

Parody of "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smash Mouth

It ain't no joke, no lie, yes, all my friends do know
About my humongous crush on Miss Anne Hathaway
Yet, most of the world, they say, "Why?", yeah, they inquire
They wonder how anyone could be obsessed with a celebrity
Well, then, I say, they're wack! Anne Hathaway is all that!
This is so not a fad! It's lasted too long for that!
Yeah, I'm still crushin', there's no question, I don't care if it's hip!
I'm still cool, 'cause my Facebook friends are over three hundred!

She's a hottie, and how! She's seen in theaters right now!
As long as she is alive, my crush on her will not die!
And, if you watch her, you'll know just why I like her!
This I say to Anne: You continue to be my number one!

It was five years ago, yeah, '05 when I found out
That her actin' and her talent is just great, you know!
Just sat there in front of my big white computer
Was cryin' and laughin' to Ella Enchanted!
I knew right then it was Hil's end!
Anne had the crown, Hil's time was up!
Take the Lizzie pics down!
Within one week, I mentioned it to all my friends
'Cause they're the ones who know the true meaning of it!


It ain't no joke, yeah, you'll know that when the pictures load
I'm still in full-on celebrity crushin' mode!
Yes, Anne woke me up, I woke up to the celebrity stuff!
The stuff you just can't get when you love Hilary Duff!
So, I sit back, kick back, and watch my favorite actress!
Yeah, Princess Diaries still isn't old hat!
No one can act anything like that looking that way!
My absolute number one hope is to meet Miss Annie one day!


Anne, you will always be my number one! (4x)

Anne, I know you've never met me, but, thanks for a great five years! You continue to amaze in almost everything you do! Now, here's to five more years! -- Mr. Autistic

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