Thursday, August 7, 2008

A History of Crushes

In my last post, I posted pictures of my celebrity crushes so that you all could see them. They're a diverse bunch, from the infamous Anne to the nearly unknown Katija. Still, no matter how well-known they are, you can't deny how good they look. Anyway, in this post, I will delve into my past and talk about my crushes in general, including not just famous people, but people I actually know.
My first crushes were not on celebrities; they were people I actually knew. One was around my age, and is currently engaged. (No, that wasn't heartbreaking to hear; I've been over her for years.) The other one was one of my older sister's friends, but she's married now. It wasn't until around second grade that I had my first celebrity crush, which was actually more of a character than an actress. Who was it? It was the pink Power Ranger. (This was back in the mid-90's when that kind of thing was popular.)
In third grade, not only did I have a crush on my teacher (who I was too dumb to realize was a schmo, but that's another subject for another blog) but I also liked Teri Hatcher. While most of you probably know her from Desperate Housewives, the role I'll always remember her for is Lois Lane in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. That show was great, and so was she.
After getting into Scooby Doo and Mork and Mindy, I had two new crushes. One was Pam Dawber, who played Mindy. The other was, well…not a real person. In fact, as one of my friends said, I "like[d] a drawing." Yes, I had a crush on Daphne. Later cartoon crushes were Sora from Digimon and Misty from Pok√©mon.
In sixth grade, I had a crush on a girl in my homeroom. I'm not sure what it was that I liked about her; maybe it was just the fact that she was my friend. Nothing came out of it, and I haven't seen that girl in years.
When I first started high school, I was into the show Growing Pains. I said before that there was a "resurgence" of my interest in that show, and with that resurgence came crushes, which weren't there before. Specifically, I liked Tracey Gold (who played Carol) and Chelsea Noble (who played Kate, one of Mike's girlfriends). I also had a thing for the CCM singer Rebecca St. James. After a while of thinking, I came up with something: "Golden, Saintly and Noble." That was the name of my hard drive for a while, and I had an icon and a desktop image to go with it. (If you think that's bad, keep reading.)
Around November of my freshman year, I got into Disney Channel because of Hilary Duff. Later on, I got into people such as Christy Romano, Anneliese van der Pol, and Lalaine. So, I needed a new name for my hard drive. Finally, I came up with one: "Off Your Duff and In the Van!" (Yes, I had an icon to go with that, too.)
That summer, I met the girl of my dreams, or so I thought. She was from Cooper City, FL, and she came and visited my church for the summer. Before she left, she gave me her e-mail address so we could talk online. Some time later, I realized that I liked her. So, I sent her an e-mail telling her that. Her reply was pretty much, "Let's just be friends." That was pretty heartbreaking, as you might expect. I got over it pretty quickly, though.
About halfway through my junior year of high school, I was getting tired of Hilary. I needed someone new, but I didn't know who to go for…until I saw the movie Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway. That's what started me on my current crush. Not very long after that was when Suite Life premiered, and so I then got into Ashley Tisdale as well.
Throughout most of my senior year, I had a crush that I never saw coming. While I won't give out her name, it was a brainy, yet cute girl who went to high school with me. (The reason I never saw it coming was because, before meeting her, I thought she was a loser.) Of course, that didn't work out, nor did a crush that I had just a few months ago.
Everyone has had crushes throughout their lifetime. I may have had more than others, but that's okay, because no one can honestly say they've never had one.
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