Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's hear it for people with crushes!

As someone who has had countless crushes throughout his lifetime, I can tell you that having a crush on someone (whether they be celebrity or just someone you know) is completely fine. If having them wasn't, do you think I would still be crushing on Anne, Ashley, Emma, Carly, Katija, Anna, Krystal, and Danielle, plus my real-life crushes, whose names I will not reveal, since this blog is public? Crushing is fun, and sometimes, it can lead to a relationship.
Now, let me explain something here. If I had to choose between dating a Christian girl I already know or dating Anne Hathaway, I would choose the Christian girl. Seriously, I don't agree with Anne's lifestyle. There are some movies of hers that I wouldn't watch for all the money in the world, because (IMO) watching them would be a sin. Plus, I've read about some of the stuff she did with her now ex-boyfriend, which is so disgusting I'd rather not describe it here. (In a nutshell, they should have only done that if they were married and alone in their bedroom.) I still do like Anne Hathaway--I mean, she makes a great desktop girl--but she is not living the Christian life, so I refuse to date her, unless she makes a turn for the better. The same thing applies to every celebrity crush I have.
As you can expect, I have been teased for my dedication to the celebrities. However, I don't see how anyone with a Y chromosome could not find at least some of my crushes--that is, celebrity and real-life--attractive. I mean, I know for a fact that the vast majority of guys at my high school found my junior English teacher attractive. (Those who didn't had problems.) It's the same thing with Anne and friends: they're young, female, and cute. What guy wouldn't like that?

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